Human Capital Management

Remuneration Policy Review\Development

Remuneration Committee support:

  • Senior executive benchmarking and grading
  • The review of Remuneration Policy
  • The compilation of an annual Remuneration Report for shareholders
  • Peer comparisons of senior executive pay
  • Peer comparisons of independent non-executive fee tariffs
  • Peer comparisons of corporate performance

Get the support you need for your company's
Remuneration Committee

We are able to support the Remuneration Committee of a company in its annual review of the remuneration policy of a company that includes:

  1. A benchmarking of level of pay based on grade and responsibility with reference to market surveyed market information (the survey statistics drawn down under licence from the surveys of Willis Towers Watson SA)
  2. Peer Comparator reports on:
    • Level of pay
    • Remuneration package structure
    • The form and scale of short-term incentives
    • The form and scale of long-term incentives
    • Your non-executive fee tariff
  3. An independent opinion on remuneration policy
    Recommendations on the Income Gap and pay scale structuring
    Assistance in the compilation of the remuneration report