Where a governance issue arises within a Remuneration Committee or in the compilation of remuneration policy documentation, the members of the committee or of the project team may be provided with copies of relevant research papers downloaded from the Human Capital Management SA E-Library that may assist them.

This library comprises currently some 90 research papers on topical issues. They can be accessed without charge by completing the information below and inserting key subject-matter phrases or words.

Users of this library should note that its subject-matter is deliberately limited to ‘governance’ issues as opposed to ‘management’ issues – intending in this way to promote a greater interest in high-level governance within every corporate entity. The underlying concept is that governance is a driving force of capitalism today.

The access to the library is free for special need reference, and the only restriction or condition applying to this is that downloads will be limited to three per calendar month per user.

Students will be eligible to subscribe for the handbooks and/or surveys featured on the PUBLICATIONS page at a discount of 50%.

HCM does not accept responsibility for any actions taken based on these papers which in every case represent the opinion of the author only.

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