Human Capital Management

We offer consulting services, systems and publications to corporations


Silvermark Enterprises (Pty) Ltd. (registration number 2021/956041/07) has been established to launch a movement that aims to redress the inequities in economic wealth that characterize communities in Africa today.

A division of the company has harnessed the services of a number of top professionals to provide these services. They will work under the banner of Human Capital Management SA.

We Consult in

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Remuneration Committees

The development of remuneration policies, the drafting of Remuneration Reports, senior executive incentive schemes and long-term incentive plans

HR Departments

The design and implementation of incentive schemes and performance management systems, and right-sizing organizational development projects

Finance Departments

The setting of performance targets and the regulation of profit-sharing ratios across the organization

Our Consulting Team

The following consultants will be engaged in providing our services, our online software and our publications:

  • Deon Thomson

    Role: Lead Consultant and Author

    Academic qualifications: B Com (Wits), CASA, LLB (Unisa), H Dip Tax Law (Wits), B Com Hons (Unisa)

    Deon served articles and qualified in both the accounting and legal profession, before serving as a partner in an auditing practice for fifteen years.

    He consulted as an associate consultant of PE Corporate Services SA (Pty) Ltd. from 1995 to 2018, specializing in remuneration policy and incentive and share scheme design. He is the author of a number of books, including THE VALUATION OF NON-TRADED ASSETS (1995).
  • Shelley Tobin

    Role:Researcher and publications co-ordinator

    Shelley conducts ongoing research of remuneration trends and policies of JSE-listed companies.

What We Offer


We have developed a set of four template models facilitating long-term financial planning and target-setting that can be adapted to your organization.


Our research publications will be of interest to and support financial officers in charge of complex organizations that are based in Southern Africa.


These will be of interest to and support financial board members of sub-committees and senior executives in charge of remuneration policy and strategic financial planning