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The mission and the goal

Human Capital Management SA presents a solution that is founded in capitalizing on free enterprise and the natural talent of the population. Its platform is a corporate entity that is geared to supply both capital and labour in partnership with each other. The reality of this is however that they can only work if they are properly ‘governed’; and the truth is that proper governance is often lacking in Africa currently, seriously undermining efforts to raise Capital; whilst talent is lost when rewards to labour are totally inadequate.

The mission of Human Capital Management SA is, therefore, through its publications and consulting services, to demonstrate to its clients how the economic pie should be shared within an organization – yes, differently in each according to the respective optimum contributions by capital and labour.

As a result, profit-sharing practices will vary as well.
More on our track record in this field and on the capabilities of our individual consultants will be provided on request.

Our research publications

These will be of interest to and support financial board members of sub-committees and senior executives in charge of remuneration policy and strategic financial planning

Consulting Services

Consulting services are being offered in three fields:

Remuneration Policy

We are able to support the remuneration committee in the annual review of the remuneration policy.
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HR Management

We are able to support your HR Department in the design and implementation of incentive and share schemes.
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Financial Analysis

We are able to compile and generate ten-year financial feasibility studies using our template financial models.
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